Terror River Outlet Works

During the recent cold weather on November 23rd, indications of a problem were noted by our remote monitoring systems at our Terror River Outlet Works.  The Terror River Outlet works is a 36 inch pipe that runs in an eight foot tunnel underneath the main dam at Terror Lake.  This pipe is over 600 feet long and connects the lake to a remote controlled valve that we utilize to feed water down the Terror River for fish management per our license.  Due to its remote location, we were not able to inspect the site until November 25th.  After inspection, it became apparent that we have a problem near the middle of this pipe.  The problem is causing an uncontrolled limited release of about 50 to 60 cubic feet per second of water that is flowing toward and down the Terror River. 

There is a simple way to stop this leak, but it involves closing a valve upstream of the leak.  Unfortunately, after several efforts, we do not feel that we can safely get to this valve due to the location of the leak and the amount of leakage.  Currently, we are suppose to release water for fish management and the amount of water we are now releasing is more than required; but it is not extreme. 

We are now working on plans to stop the water from the lake side of the pipe and we will keep you updated on our progress.

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