Top 10 Reasons to Attend the KEA Annual Membership Meeting

We love our Member Meeting Registration Gift!

10.         What else do you have to do on Monday, April 30, 2012? 

               The Gerald C. Wilson Auditorium’s THE Happening Place!

9.            Collect on your bets about who won the Board elections.

8.            Be the first to know if you won a $250 Electricity Certificate Grand Prize.

7.            Odds are very good you’ll win a great (tax-free) door prize.

6.            Get paid for coming – pick up your $20 Electric Energy Credit.

5.            Take home a terrific summertime fun Member Meeting Registration Gift.  

4.            Enjoy delicious cookies and coffee by Java Flats.   

3.            Listen to your Board’s report on progress towards our Vision Statement.

2.            Seize the opportunity to try to stump President/CEO Darron Scott

               with a question. 

1.            Make the news with your friends and neighbors.

BONUS!  It’s YOUR cooperative!  YOU own the business!

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