Pillar Mountain Wind Project Update

Preparing the top of the #3 Turbine Site Foundation for install, with a view of the hub mid-picture and sites 2 and 1 in the distance.

Our Pillar Mountain Wind Project is moving ahead and is on schedule.  You’ll see a lot of action on the site very soon!  The turbines and a large 440 ton erection crane are due in on a barge shipment on Thursday, July 26. The first step in the process will be for crews to build and test the crane because it is shipped in multiple pieces.  This assembly will take several days.  At the same time, special trailers that can transport the wind turbine components are being shipped to Kodiak, and should be here on August 1.  

Next, as early as August 1, we will begin the transport of the wind turbine components from the Lash Docks to Pillar Mountain.  Structural assembly of the turbines will begin shortly after the components are offloaded on the mountain. Throughout the month of August, you’ll see the turbines being assembled and then prepared for system operation.  We anticipate making power with the units in September.

These turbines will help us go a long way toward reaching our vision:  Endeavor to produce 95% of our energy sales with cost effective renewable power solutions by the year 2020.  Our experience shows us that the cost of power production from wind is significantly lower than the cost of diesel production.  Our community has saved a net expense of over $5 million through our COPA (Cost of Power Adjustment) from the wind power since the first turbines came on line in July of 2009.

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