Cliff Ford Retires

Cliff Ford Teaches Respect for Electricity.

Cliff Ford’s last day at work as a Meter Technician was on July 19, after 19 years of service to KEA.  Cliff has been responsible for installing, maintaining, disconnecting, and reconnecting revenue metering, and for conducting audits and testing to verify that meters and metering equipment were properly installed and working accurately.  He is well known throughout KEA and the community as a master at trouble shooting power quality issues and equipment, such as “blinking lights” or a loose neutral, and is a tremendous wealth of information and a valuable resource.  Cliff’s annual classroom presentations to fourth grade students about electrical safety reached over 200 students each year.  Thank you for your efforts to “keep the lights on” twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!  Our best wishes go to Cliff and Valerie for a long and happy retirement.

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