Meter Access – Safety First!

Does your meter have clear access?

We’d like to remind everyone who has an electric meter to be sure that access to your meter is clear.  Meter readings ensure that you’re billed only for the amount of electricity you’ve used, and that your equipment is working properly.  Did you know that the majority of our meters include technology that allows them to be read without physical access to the meter?  Obstructions could interfere with the electronic transmission and upkeep of the meter and its components.  Please help us help you by making sure your meter is visible at all times.  It’s important for it to be accessible for maintenance or testing by KEA personnel, and for emergency responders, including firefighters.  Access to the meter may be critical in an emergency situation.

Summer is an excellent time to check the path to your meter and clear any overgrown bushes, stored materials, or other items from around your meter.  It’s also a good time to make sure that if you have a gate providing access to your meter, it is not in need of repair.  If you are remodeling or doing any type of construction, please be sure that it does not block access to the meter and create a safety hazard.  Please keep a minimum of three feet of clear space around your meter.

Thank you for your help.  Together, we make safety the top priority!

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