Terror Lake Prize Trip is a Winner!

At KEA’s Annual Membership Meeting on April 30, 2012, Katie Buchinger and Danae/Richard McKinney were the lucky winners of door prize drawings for round-trip September adventure tours of the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project. 

September 6, 2012 was a gorgeous sunny day, and perfect for exploring the great outdoors of Kodiak Island. The Terror Lake prize trip travelers were:  Tayler Andrews, Katie Buchinger, Stephanie Buchinger, Katie McKinney, and Richard McKinney. 

On the way over, they enjoyed a scenic flight over Sharatin Pass and saw a group of Mountain Goats on Sharatin Mountain.  Mark Patterson, the Andrew Airways Pilot, was a great guide and pointed out the names of landscape features along the way.

After landing at beautiful Kizhuyak Bay, near the jetty of the Terror Lake Project, KEA’s Environmental Coordinator Jennifer Richcreek led the group on a tour of the facility from inside the powerhouse to the tops of the mountains where Terror Lake is located.  They saw firsthand where the water resources come from, and how that water supplies renewable energy for Kodiak communities.  They also learned how the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project works in conjunction with the Pillar Mountain Wind Project, and how KEA’s expanding wind-water generation system is bringing the cooperative closer to our renewable energy vision of producing 95% of energy sales with cost effective renewable power solutions by the year 2020. On the way back home, the travelers’ flight followed the coast further along Kizhuyak, Sharatin, and Anton Larson Bay, and returned to town over the Buskin Pass.

After their busy day, here’s what the travelers had to say:

  • Tayler Andrews: It’s really pretty here!  I’m glad to see how well the Project works within the environment, like with the fish.
  • Katie Buchinger: I didn’t realize how long this Project was under consideration, and the amount of foresight and good planning that went into ensuring power for today and into the future.  It’s really neat.
  • Stephanie Buchinger: I’m looking forward to using the information and experience I learned today for new curriculum in my classroom (Chiniak School).  Great experience!
  • Katie McKinney: I liked seeing the lake.  Before today, I didn’t know that there was so much more than just the lake.
  • Richard McKinney: I’m amazed at how “green” the whole operation is with enhancing river habitat, and how well the Project was designed to accommodate the new third turbine-generator.  Very impressive!
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