KEA Thankful for Renewable Energy Accomplishments

The holiday season is a special time to gather with loved ones and reflect on our blessings.  Here at KEA, 2012 was a busy year full of projects, and we are thankful for all of the accomplishments achieved. 

During this past year, Pillar Mountain Wind Project expanded with three additional wind turbines, Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project reached record-level production rates, and the newly installed battery bank integrated these wind and hydro resources together for a more reliable electric grid system.  Taken all together, KEA is embarking on an entirely new approach to our energy infrastructure.

At this point in the year, 95.3% of KEA’s 2012 generation portfolio came from renewable resources!

While it may just look like a simple container shed, it is the new battery bank system that Battery Tour 044allows KEA to reliably deliver that much renewable energy throughout our grid.  This advanced energy storage and power inverter technology ensures stable system frequency in millisecond time frames despite massive swings in variable wind energy output.   There are numerous wind projects and several battery energy storage systems that exist elsewhere, but KEA built the first system that directly brings these resources together as an integrated renewable generation system.

On Thanksgiving Day, Pillar Mountain produced nine megawatts of wind power.  That amount of wind energy met 44% of Kodiak’s electricity needs that day, with the other 56% coming from Terror Lake’s hydropower.  

But what is KEA most thankful for?  Our Cooperative members!  Your support of KEA throughout this renewable energy overhaul is what makes these accomplishments possible.  With a grateful heart, KEA will continue working hard for you by providing safe and reliable electricity for years to come.

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