Terry Kacalski Retires

Terry KacalskiTerry Kacalski’s last day at work at KEA was March 1, after over 25 years of service to KEA.  Terry began her employment with KEA as the Payroll/Inventory Clerk, and was promoted through the years to the position of Payroll Specialist in the Finance and Administration Department and ultimately to her most recent position of Administrative Assistant in the Operations and Engineering Departments.  Her duties have included detailed record keeping for payroll and tax reporting, as well as maintaining numerous records and logs for the Operations and Engineering Departments.

Terry demonstrated a genuine commitment to electrical safety education and training by coordinating the annual ordering and tracking of safety training media for all KEA departments, and by assisting with KEA’s annual fourth grade school classroom presentations about KEA’s power sources and transmission of electricity.  These presentations reached out to over 200 students each year, educating them about the dangers and caution needed in everyday life and play to avoid getting injured by electric shock.  Terry encouraged outstanding participation in KEA’s fourth grade annual drawing contests about safety and electricity.

Our best wishes go to Terry for a long and happy retirement!

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