Terror Lake Third Turbine Installation Update

Installation of the third hydro turbine generator at KEA’s Terror Lake Hydroelectric Facility is progressing well and on schedule.  The turbine portion of the new machine arrived safely at the facility last weekend, and the first pour of concrete around the turbine distributor begins this Thursday.   

The generator portion of the new unit is scheduled for delivery next month.  After the turbine and generator machinery is set within the powerhouse’s third bay, the generating unit will be connected to KEA’s electrical system with new control panels and a new substation transformer already installed onsite.  We anticipate making power with the third turbine this November.  

Commissioning the third turbine at Terror Lake will be another major step forward for KEA’s expanded renewable energy system.  The dispatchable hydropower supplied by this new unit will allow KEA to fully utilize all of our available renewable energy resources and meet our peak loads solely with renewable energy.

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