Terror Lake Third Turbine Installation Update

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Installation of the third hydro turbine generator at KEA’s Terror Lake Hydroelectric Facility continues to progress well and on schedule. 

Inside the powerhouse, the first of three concrete pours around the new unit is complete, plumbing around the new turbine is secured in place, and rebar is currently being installed around the turbine in preparation for the second concrete pour.  New electronic panels were installed in the powerhouse control room. 

The new generator unit that will sit atop the turbine arrived onsite this week.  The delivery of this generator was the last major mobilization effort for this project, and KEA is very pleased with how smoothly the shipping logistics have gone throughout this project. 

Outside in the substation, connections were made between the new transformer and the existing transmission line.  Also as a precautionary measure, a new fire wall was erected between the new transformer and the existing transformers to isolate damage if a fire were ever to occur. 

It is very exciting to see this project move closer to completion.  This unit is expected to be generating renewable hydropower by this November.

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