Terror Lake Prize Trip – “Awesome!”

Travelers from left:  Pilot Kris Peterson, Margaret Bosworth, Leight Thomet, Mike Steelman, James Hathcock, and Lloyd Shanley.

Travelers from left: Pilot Kris Peterson, Margaret Bosworth, Leigh Thomet, Mike Steelman, James Hathcock, and Lloyd Shanley.

At KEA’s 2013 Annual Membership Meeting on April 22, 2013, prize drawings included two round-trips for two to the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project on September 11, 2013.  The lucky winners were Antonio and Ladonna Gil, and Kip and Leigh Thomet.  Antonio, Ladonna, and Kip were unable to make the trip, so they gave their respective prizes to James Hathcock, Mike Steelman, and Margaret Bosworth.  Lloyd Shanley, KEA’s Manager of Power Generation, joined the group as their tour guide to provide them with a thorough understanding of the hydro project.

The travelers enjoyed a scenic flight to beautiful Kizhuyak Bay near the jetty of the Terror Lake Project, and toured the powerhouse, hydroelectric generators, tailrace channel, steel penstock, diversion structures, dam, and reservoir. They saw firsthand where the water resources come from, and how the water supplies renewable energy for Kodiak communities.  They also learned how the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project works in conjunction with the Pillar Mountain Wind Project, bringing the cooperative closer to our renewable energy vision of producing 95% of energy sales with cost effective renewable power solutions by the year 2020. 

Mike explained the day this way: “Being a KEA member for more than 30 years, you don’t see or think about what all’s involved at Terror Lake and the entire power system.  In town, all you see is the wind turbines, KEA’s trucks, and your bill.  Each part of the Terror Lake power system has many built-in geological challenges – ash and erosion – and it takes a great crew to make it all work.”  Leigh and Margaret said, “We were blown away by the enormity of it, and how much intricate work has gone into the project from the first idea of drilling a hole in the mountain, with all of it done so we can flip the switch for electricity.”   James Hathcock added his amazement at the engineering marvels of how the tunnel had been built, and how the project works.  All four travelers agreed on a word to describe their day – “Awesome!”

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