Renewable Energy Overhaul Produces Tremendous Success

Being a KEA cooperative member means you own a share of KEA’s business and when KEA succeeds, so do you! 

Thanks to our renewable energy independence, KEA is ending 2013 in strong financial standing.  In response, the Board of Directors voted unanimously at their November Regular Meeting to approve the retirement of One Million Dollars in Capital Credits to be paid back to our members! 

This is the greatest return of capital ever approved in KEA’s history.  This payback will be distributed to our members next month.  Active KEA members will receive a credit on their December monthly bill, and inactive members will be mailed checks. 

The amount of money returned to each member depends on the age of their membership.  The Board of Directors has made it a priority to return capital credits to the oldest records on file.  Therefore, yesterday’s decision results in a complete retirement of 1987’s capital credits, with the remaining funds divided among each member’s oldest record on file.  

With this recent action, KEA has retired over $14 million in capital credits back to our cooperative members.  Receiving these capital credit paybacks is one of the many benefits of owning your community-based electric utility.

KEA wishes all of our members a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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