72nd Annual Membership Meeting – Our Plan Comes Together!

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Thank you to everyone who attended our 72nd Annual Membership Meeting on April 21, 2014 in the Gerald C. Wilson Auditorium!  Two hundred and sixty-one (261) members were registered when registration concluded.

The meeting kicked off with Junior Girl Scout Troop #87, led by Troop Leaders Melissa Griffin and Linda Hartle, bringing in the colors and leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  Following a Moment of Silence to honor those serving in the military, KEA employees Rocky Fraser and Katrina Refior introduced the winners of the 2014 Fourth Grade Safety Drawing Contest.  They are:  Princess Hermano, Main Elementary School – first place, Keishin Caballa, Main Elementary School – second place, and Lydia Schrof, North Star Elementary School – third place.  The winning drawings will be on display in our Member Services department for the next year.  KEA’s electrical safety program reinforces the importance of electrical safety and is presented to fourth grade classes every year.

Reports were presented by Chairman Cliff Davidson, Secretary/Treasurer Stosh Anderson, and President/CEO Darron Scott.  They discussed KEA’s strong financial status, stable rates, and continued progress toward cost effective renewable energy as our solution for Kodiak’s power generation needs. After many years of hard work and innovation, the plan came together with the successful installation of the third hydro turbine at Terror Lake in 2013 , which now makes it possible for KEA to meet peak loads solely with renewable energy.  In 2013, KEA’s renewable portfolio generated 95.4% of our power, and we budgeted to produce 99.3% of our power from renewables in 2014.  Future plans include continued forward movement with a potential new Headquarters Building to bring all KEA’s employees together in one campus area for increased staffing efficiencies, in a convenient location to better serve our members.  We are also expanding emergency backup potential by adding a new 5 Megawatt diesel generator at Swampy Acres, and adding 2 Megawatts of flywheels to our system to work with the new electric crane at Pier 3 that is coming in 2015.  These three projects are underway in 2014, but are not scheduled to be completed until 2015.  We are also continuing to explore more cost effective renewable power to be prepared for future electric load growth.

Following Employee Recognition, Scholarship Presentations, Door Prize Drawings, and the Tally Committee’s Presentation on election results, members enjoyed delightful refreshments by Java Flats in the Kodiak High School Commons.

Mark your calendar and make plans to join us next year for our 73rd Annual Membership Meeting in April, 2015 !

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