President Obama Highlights KEA’s Achievements in Recent Speech


Yesterday, President Obama spoke in Kotzebue, Alaska on the topic of climate change and assisting remote Alaskan villages. As part of his speech, the president highlighted the achievements of KEA and Kodiak Island. He praised Kodiak’s 99.7% renewable energy, wind power, hydro power and the unprecedented innovation brought with the recently installed flywheel storage systems and battery energy storage systems. Above is a video clip of his speech!

If you wish to read further on the White House’s official website, see the following link:

The press release states under the heading Announcing a public-private partnership to achieve 99.7 percent clean energy:

“In the coming days, Kodiak Island will begin testing a renewable-energy-powered shipping crane in a $3 million public-private partnership that will enable the island to become the first in the world to put flywheel and battery energy storage together to stabilize its variable electric power from wind turbines. The nation’s second largest island recently achieved 99.7 percent renewable-powered electricity from wind, hydro and now augmented by flywheels. The City of Kodiak, Matson, Inc. and Kodiak Electric Association (KEA), a nonprofit member-owned rural electric cooperative, combined efforts to finance this renewable power source for a newly-arrived shipping crane that is replacing the current diesel-powered crane. KEA completed a conversion to 99.7 percent renewable electricity by adding the energy storage to 9 MW of wind that complements the utility’s hydropower plant. Wind is now supplying approximately 20 percent of KEA’s load, displacing more than 2 million gallons of diesel every year. This conversion from fossil fuels has been supported by the State of Alaska’s Renewable Energy Fund, managed by the Alaska Energy Authority, in conjunction with strong local leadership from the Kodiak Electric Association.”

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