KEA’s 2017 Scholarship Program: $37,000 in Awards!

At the 2017 KEA Annual Membership Meeting on Monday, April 24, fifteen (15) scholarship awards totaling $37,000 were presented.  Since our first scholarship award in 1990, KEA has given 334 local students financial assistance in attending post-secondary schools, for a total amount of $703,000 in scholarships!

Academic Scholarship Recipients pictured here from left to right: Al Asuncion, Celestina Cruz, Mariel Garcia, and Anna McDonald.  (Not pictured:  John Dunlop, Honey Rose Macatuno, and Keith Osowski.)  Vocational/Career and Technical Education Scholarship Recipients pictured here from left to right: Anthony Alvey and Angel Igayac. (Not pictured: Sadie Thomas.)  Our Full-Time Continuing Education Scholarship Recipient pictured here:  Ayaka Ikawa.  (Not pictured: Art Glenn Alejandro, Alicia Kostelecky, and Steel McNeil.) Our Part-Time Continuing Education Scholarship Recipient:  Tania Silva-Johnson.

Support of education and training is one of the seven principles that guide cooperatives in reflecting the best interest of their members.  Our scholarship program was designed to offer financial assistance to selected graduating seniors and continuing education students who show leadership potential and the capacity to make a significant contribution to the Kodiak or Port Lions community upon completion of their formal education.

The four categories of scholarships KEA offers are:  Academic, Vocational/Career and Technical Education, Full-Time Continuing Education, and Part-Time Continuing Education.  The amounts and numbers of scholarships awarded by KEA are determined each year through action taken by the KEA Board of Directors.  The largest Academic Scholarship is the Marion Soule Scholarship, totaling $15,000 over four years.  All KEA scholarships are funded through the KEA Educational Foundation, Inc., and donations are tax deductible.  The scholarships are funded by KEA’s Operation Round Up® Program, donated capital credits, and cash donations.

KEA’s scholarship funds are disbursed to the financial aid or admission office of the student’s chosen college or university.  The funds may be used for registration, tuition, books, room and board.  Any funds not used revert back to the KEA Educational Foundation, Inc.

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