Construction Contractor Selected for Upper Hidden Basin Diversion Project

Terror Lake Hydroelectric Dam

Kodiak Electric Association, Inc. (KEA) has selected Kiewit as the construction contractor to build the Upper Hidden Basin Diversion. This project will increase the amount of annual hydropower production generated at the existing Terror Lake Hydroelectric Facility by an additional 33 million kilowatt-hours, which will add about 25 percent more energy to the Facility. The additional hydropower production will go straight into the existing KEA grid for the direct benefit of KEA’s members. The Terror Lake Hydroelectric Facility is the primary source of KEA’s energy supply and is the cornerstone to KEA’s renewable wind-hydro energy generation system.

When the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Facility was constructed in the 1980’s, it included three additional watershed diversions that supply additional water to the hydropower system for increased energy production capability in addition to the Terror Lake reservoir.  A fourth watershed diversion named the Upper Hidden Basin Diversion was also investigated during the original development of the facility.  This diversion was not built at the time due to the added expense and because the community did not need that power resource then, but it was recommended as the most cost-effective way to add future incremental power to the Terror Lake Facility and to the community grid when the growth in power demand in Kodiak justified it.  The time has come for KEA to expand the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Facility by adding the Upper Hidden Basin Diversion.

The Upper Hidden Basin Diversion Project follows the KEA Board of Directors’ vision to maintain 98 percent of kilowatt-hour sales with cost effective renewable power solutions.  Since 2014, KEA has had near-100 percent renewable portfolio generated from the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Facility and the Pillar Mountain Wind Farm.  Generating green power from local sources has also kept the cooperative’s electric rates stable while eliminating fossil-fuel emissions by not running diesel generators.

Kiewit is mobilizing the equipment for the project and is scheduled to begin construction this June.  Commercial operation is projected for the fall of 2020.

Kiewit is a highly-qualified construction firm that specializes in remote Alaskan construction projects and served as the general contractor for the original construction of the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Facility.

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