$37,000 in Scholarships – Application Deadline is February 17, 2017

This could be YOU in April, 2017!

This could be YOU in April, 2017!

Annually, Kodiak Electric Association (KEA) awards scholarships to high school seniors and adult learners in our service area who are heading to college, university, trade, or technical schools.  For 2017, there are a total of fifteen (15) scholarships available for graduating high school seniors and full-and-part-time continuing education students.  Five Academic scholarships, three Vocational/Career and Technical Education scholarships, and seven Continuing Education scholarships will be awarded in April, 2016.

 The application deadline is February 17, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. at the KEA office.

Recipients will have demonstrated leadership potential and the capacity to make a significant contribution to the cooperative and community upon completion of their formal educations.

There are two separate applications, and full eligibility guidelines are included in each application packet.  Click below to download:

Questions about the scholarships, applications, or selection process?  Contact Nancy B. Sweeney, Communication/Human Resource Specialist, at 907.486.7700.

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KEA Issues Capital Credits (Cash Back) on Your 2016 December Billing!

Season's Greetings from Your Electric Cooperative!

Season’s Greetings from Your Electric Cooperative!

It really does pay to own your electric company!  KEA is retiring approximately $750,000 to our members this month.  Active KEA members will receive a credit on their December monthly billing, and inactive members will be mailed checks.

Each year, the KEA Board of Directors reviews the Cooperative’s financial picture and determines the current year’s capital credit retirement.  At the Regular Meeting of November 17, 2016, the Board took action to return 1.61% of the total unretired capital credits on file.

Because KEA is a cooperative and is owned by our members, the cooperative does not technically earn profits.  Instead, any revenues, or money, received over and above the cost of doing business are considered “margins”.  These margins are your capital credits and they represent the amount of operating capital the cooperative has to work with in order to finance the operation of the business and to build for the future.

The return of member-furnished capital is called the retirement of capital credits.  Each member’s credit allocation is accumulated and totaled over the period of time that the member receives service. Each member earns the same percentage on their purchases, although the actual dollar amount credited will vary from member to member because it is based on total individual purchases.

Receiving capital credits is one of the many benefits of owning your electric cooperative.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at KEA!

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Get $20 When You Sign Up for SmartHub Autopay!

Offer valid through January 31, 2017!

Offer valid through January 31, 2017!

Happy Holidays!  To celebrate the season, KEA will give you a $20 credit when you go paperless and sign up for SmartHub Autopay! 

Have you tried our app?  View your up-to-date account information, schedule a payment, and more!  Download the SmartHub app on your Apple or Android devices.


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KEA Employees’ 2016 Food Drive – Community Caring!

KEA Employees Share the Blessings of the 2016 Season.

KEA Employees Share the Blessings of the Season.

KEA employees contributed over 310 pounds of canned and dry goods, along with $100 cash and a $280 Safeway gift card, to donate locally to the Kodiak Island Food Bank today. The food drive was open for three weeks – from November 8 to December 1 – with boxes for each department to fill.

Sharing the Blessings of the Season has been an annual event for KEA employees since 2011, and helps to make the holiday season even brighter for community members who are in need of assistance!

The Kodiak Island Food Bank is always in need of food and monetary donations, and all donations are gratefully accepted.  The Food Bank fights hunger and serves over 285 households, which averages around 1,000 individuals in Kodiak and five surrounding villages.  Their website is http://www.kodiakislandfoodbank.org.

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The 2016 Terror Lake Prize Trip

From Left: Lloyd Shanley, Lisa Kostelecky, Gretchen Wing, Esther Waddell, and Richard Waddell prepare to board their plane to Terror Lake.

From Left: Lloyd Shanley, Lisa Kostelecky, Gretchen Wing, Esther Waddell, and Richard Waddell prepare to board their plane to Terror Lake.

At KEA’s Annual Membership Meeting on April 25, 2016, Richard and Esther Waddell and Larry and Darlene Williams were the lucky winners of door prize drawings  for round-trip September adventure tours of the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project.

September 7, 2016 was a gorgeous sunny day for the trip, and perfect for exploring the great outdoors of Kodiak Island! Larry and Darlene Williams were unable to go, so they gave their seats to Lisa Kostelecky and Gretchen Wing. Lloyd Shanley, KEA’s Manager of Power Generation joined Richard, Esther, Lisa, and Gretchen as their tour guide.  On the way over, they enjoyed a scenic flight with Pete Rosendahl, the Andrew Airways Pilot, pointing out the names of landscape features along the way.

After landing at beautiful Kizhuyak Bay, near the jetty of the Terror Lake Project, Lloyd led the group on a tour of the facility from inside the powerhouse to the tops of the mountains where Terror Lake is located. They saw firsthand where the water resources come from, and how that water supplies renewable energy for Kodiak communities.  They also learned how the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project works in conjunction with the Pillar Mountain Wind Project and Battery Energy Storage System, enabling KEA to achieve 99.8% of our power from cost effective renewable energy in 2015.

After their busy day, here’s what the travelers had to say:

  • Richard Waddell: Boring a tunnel through a mountain boggles the mind. We enjoyed the trip very much – thank you whole heartedly!
  • Esther Waddell: I’m in awe of the foresight of the people who had the vision to build the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Facility – it’s amazing. We had a beautiful day and learned a lot with a wonderful guide.
  • Lisa Kostelecky: We are very lucky to have this Facility, and the employees that work there are super. Kudos to them! It’s fabulous to have prize trips to take members to Terror Lake and give them a new appreciation for how our renewable power is generated.
  • Gretchen Wing: What an incredible trip! I’ve listened for years about the Facility, and it was great to see it, get the eye-opening perspective first-hand, and really understand how immense it is.
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Do We Owe You Money? 2015 Capital Credits

Can you help us locate former members with Unclaimed Capital Credits?

Can you help us locate former members with Unclaimed Capital Credits?

One of the many benefits of owning your electric cooperative is capital credits.  Each year, the KEA Board of Directors reviews the Cooperative’s cash level and makes a determination of capital credits to retire back to the membership based on the Cooperative’s financial condition.  KEA retired 2.36% of the total unretired capital credits on file in 2015  – a total of one million dollars in capital credits to our cooperative members!

To date, some of our former members have not cashed or claimed the capital credit checks mailed to them at their last known address in December, 2015.  A listing of these people is posted on our website for the next six months.  If you keep in touch with any of these friends and neighbors, please contact them and ask that they give Member Services a call at 486.7701 to update their current address and receive their capital credits.  Any money that remains unclaimed after the six months of posting has been completed will revert back to KEA.

Click here for the listing:  DO WE OWE YOU MONEY?

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KEA 2016 Board Election Results

The 2015/2016 KEA Board of Directors

Your 2016/2017 KEA Board of Directors

A total of 222 registered members were in attendance at KEA’s 74th Annual Membership Meeting on April 25, 2016 when registration concluded.  Thank you to everyone who worked to make it a success, and to all those who attended!

The Balloting Results were: Linda Freed – 698 votes,  Gordon Gould – 739 votes, and Jay T. Johnston – 714 votes.   As a result of the election, all three incumbents were reseated in three-year terms of office.

At a Board Meeting on April 26, 2016, the Board elected officers and set the date and time for the monthly Regular Board meetings for the upcoming year.  The results of the election of officers were:  Chairman – Cliff Davidson, Vice Chairman – Ron Acarregui, and Secretary/Treasurer – Stosh Anderson.

The monthly Regular Meetings of the Board of Directors will be held on the fourth Thursday of every month, and will begin at noon, with exceptions in the months of  November and December, 2016. The next meeting is scheduled for April 28, 2016.

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