2018 KEA Scholarship Award Recipients

$37,000 awarded in 2018 scholarships!

Congratulations to the 2018 KEA Scholarship Award Recipients!  Fifteen scholarships totaling $37,000 were awarded this year to graduating high school seniors and full-time continuing education students.

KEA scholarships are funded through the KEA Educational Foundation.  The money comes from donated capital credits and KEA’s Operation Round Up® Program.  Donations are tax deductible.

2018 Graduating High School Academic Scholarship Recipients

$12,000        Marion Soule Scholarship                                    Hunter Blair

$  3,500        Academic Scholarship                                           Marina Cummiskey

$  3,500        Academic Scholarship                                           Kiae Shin

$  2,500        Academic Scholarship                                           Josiah Fish

$  1,250        Academic Scholarship                                            Edlen Mangosing

$  1,250        Academic Scholarship                                            Torataro Oka

$  1,000        Academic Scholarship                                           Solomia Bushell

$  1,000        Academic Scholarship                                           Zxyrelle Tabanan

2018 Vocational/Career and Technical Education Scholarship Recipients

$  2,000        Vocational/C&T Education Scholarship            Hunter Smude

$  1,500        Vocational/C&T Education Scholarship             Anthony Alvey

$  1,500        Vocational/C&T Education Scholarship             Matthew Schauff

2018 Full-Time Continuing Education Scholarship Recipients

$  1,500        Full-Time Continuing Education Scholarship      Al Asuncion

$  1,500        Full-Time Continuing Education Scholarship      John Dunlop

$  1,500        Full-Time Continuing Education Scholarship      Brianna Gibbs

$  1,500        Full-Time Continuing Education Scholarship      Beatriz Recinos-Pineda

Support of education and training is one of the seven principles that guide cooperatives in reflecting the best interest of their members.  Our scholarship program was designed to offer financial assistance to selected graduating seniors and continuing education students who show leadership potential and the capacity to make a significant contribution to the Kodiak or Port Lions community upon completion of their formal education.

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U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry visits Kodiak and KEA

U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry traveled to Alaska this week to see renewable energy projects in rural areas, and visited Kodiak to tour a portion of KEA’s unique electric utility grid on May 1.  The trip was organized by Senator Lisa Murkowski’s office through the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

To start their visit, KEA’s President/CEO Darron Scott gave Perry, Murkowski, and several staff members a presentation on how KEA has developed the cooperative’s sustainable, renewable energy grid with environmental stewardship. KEA owns, operates, and maintains a hydroelectric facility, a cutting edge wind farm with a battery bank utilizing hydro and wind resources as an integrated renewable generation system.  Since 2014, KEA has had nearly 100% of kilowatt hour sales with cost-effective, renewable power solutions.

Following the presentation, the group got to see first hand the Pillar Mountain Wind Farm and battery and flywheel energy storage devices and learn how the cooperative deals with cyber security.  They also viewed Kodiak’s electric shipping crane.

KEA appreciates the delegation’s interest in KEA’s renewable energy systems and how the remote island grid’s operation may apply to other issues on the national level.


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KEA 2018 Board Election Results

Your 2018/2019 KEA Board of Directors

A total of 221 registered members were in attendance at KEA’s 76th Annual Membership Meeting on April 23, 2018 when registration concluded.  Thank you to everyone who worked to make it a success, and to all those who attended!

The Balloting Results were: Stosh Anderson – 682 votes,  Michael C. Brechan – 662 votes, Cliff Davidson – 656 votes, and Tyler Kornelis – 618 votes.  As a result of the election, Stosh Anderson, Michael C. Brechan, and Cliff Davidson were seated in three-year terms of office.

At a Board Meeting on April 24, 2018, the Board elected officers and set the date and time for the monthly Regular Board meetings for the upcoming year.  The results of the election of officers were:  Chairman – Cliff Davidson, Vice Chairman – Ron Acarregui, and Secretary/Treasurer – Stosh Anderson.

The monthly Regular Meetings of the Board of Directors will be held on the fourth Thursday of every month, and will begin at noon, with exceptions in the months of  November and December, 2018.

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Make Plans to Attend the KEA Annual Membership Meeting on April 23!

Every Registered Member Will Receive an Electric Energy Credit!

You’re invited to come to the 76th Annual KEA Membership Meeting on Monday, April 23, 2018 in the Gerald C. Wilson Auditorium!

Doors Open for Registration: 6:30 p.m.

Pre-Meeting KEA Slide Show: 6:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Business Meeting Called to Order: 7:00 p.m.

Learn more about YOUR electric cooperative, hear election results for the Board of Directors, win great door prizes, and enjoy catching up with your friends and neighbors.

Every member who registers and attends the meeting will receive an Electric Energy Credit!

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2018 KEA Board Candidate Election – It’s Time to Vote!

2018 KEA Voting Packet

The Notice of KEA’s 76th Annual Membership Meeting, Voting Packet and Annual Report were mailed to all KEA members on March 29.  Have YOU voted yet?

Your signed post-marked ballot envelope enters YOU into grand prize drawings for two (2) $250 certificates for free electricity and two (2) round-trips for two (2) to the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Facility!

Remember to mark and return your ballot by mail in the postage-paid envelope provided.  Make your vote count…the last pickup of ballots at the U.S. Post Office will be at noon on Friday, April 20.  Vote early!

All members actively participate in setting the cooperative’s policies and in making decisions through your locally elected Board of Directors.  Every member of the cooperative has a voice and a vote.

Election results will be announced at KEA’s Annual Membership Meeting on Monday, April 23 in the Gerald C. Wilson Auditorium.  The doors will open at 6:30 p.m., and the meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m.  Mark your calendar and make plans to attend this exciting community event!  Every member who registers and attends the meeting will receive an Electric Energy Credit!

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YOU Get the Credit (Cash Back) on your March Bill!

YOU Get the Credit! Cash Back!

YOU Get the Credit! Cash Back!

It’s time for YOU to get the credit – capital credits, that is – for helping build, sustain, and grow your locally owned and operated electric cooperative!

Each year, the KEA Board of Directors reviews the Cooperative’s financial picture and determines the the annual capital credit retirement. At the Regular Meeting of March 22, 2018, the Board took action to return 1.34% of the total unretired capital credits on file for 2017 – $750,000!

Active KEA members will receive a credit on their March monthly billing, and inactive members will be mailed checks.

When you signed up to receive electric service from Kodiak Electric Association, you became a member of our electric cooperative. While investor-owned utilities return a portion of any profits back to their shareholders, electric cooperatives operate on an at-cost basis. So, instead of returning leftover funds, known as margins, to investors who might not live in the same geographical location or even the same state as you do, Kodiak Electric Association allocates and retires capital credits based on how much electricity you, our members, purchased.

Each member’s credit allocation is accumulated and totaled over the period of time that the member receives service. Each member earns the same percentage on their purchases, although the actual dollar amount credited will vary from member to member because it is based on total individual purchases.

Receiving capital credits is just one more way that Kodiak Electric Association is looking out for you!

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2018 Election: Four (4) Candidates for the KEA Board of Directors

Four (4) cooperative members are candidates for the three (3) three-year seats open for election this year on the KEA Board of Directors:  Stosh Anderson, Michael C. Brechan, Cliff Davidson, and Tyler Kornelis.

Members with questions for the candidates are invited to contact them directly.

The Notice of Annual Membership Meeting, Ballots, and Annual Report will be mailed to all KEA members on Thursday, March 29, 2018.  All voted ballots must be returned in the postage-paid return envelopes that are provided with KEA’s voting packet.  KEA’s last pick up of the ballots at the post office will be at noon on Friday, April 20, 2018.

Election results will be announced at KEA’s 76th Annual Membership Meeting on Monday, April 23, 2018 in the Gerald C. Wilson Auditorium.  The meeting will be called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Cliff Davidson, Chairman of the KEA Board of Directors.

The signed, postmarked return envelopes will be entered into prize drawings during the Annual Membership Meeting and winners need not be present to win.  The prizes are two (2) $250 certificates for electricity and two (2) round-trips for two (2) to the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Facility.

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