KEA Old Headquarters Building Under Demolition

Demolition of the old KEA Headquarters Building on Marine Way Begins

The old KEA Headquarters Building located at 515 E. Marine Way in Kodiak is under demolition. Golden Alaska Excavating LLC is working to demolish the principal structure and all accessory structures located on the property, and to dispose of all debris.  The demolition is expected to be complete by the end of April.

The old building was built in 1965 and housed KEA’s Member Services operations and the Finance and Administrative offices. Employees of the Power Generation department were located in the building behind the Hartman Substation adjacent to the structure, while the Operations and Engineering employees were housed at 1711 Chichenoff Street.  As time passed, the building became old and inefficient, was within the tsunami zone, and was too costly to renovate.

The (new) current KEA Headquarters is located at 1614 Mill Bay Road, and was built adjacent to land already owned and utilized by the electric cooperative for its maintenance complex on Chichenoff Street. For years, KEA management had been looking at the concept to create a campus environment that would integrate all of KEA’s departments into one convention location to better serve cooperative members. Plans for the new building began in earnest in the fall of 2012, when an apartment building on Mill Bay Road caught fire, rendering that structure uninhabitable, and the land went up for sale.  The new building was designed for improved customer service, more efficient management of utility functions, and increased synergies among departments.  Ground was broken in 2014, and construction was completed on schedule and within budget for all departments to move in October 5, 2015. The building incorporates modern “green” energy savings and maintenance cost savings features.

KEA and Golden Alaska Excavating LLC request that you use caution as you drive along Marine Way and the demolition area, and help us to keep everyone safe. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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2017 KEA Board Candidate Election – It’s Time to Vote!

2017 KEA Voting Packet

The Notice of KEA’s 75th Annual Membership Meeting, Voting Packet and Annual Report were mailed to all KEA members on March 30.  Have YOU voted yet?

Your signed post-marked ballot envelope enters YOU into grand prize drawings for two (2) $750 certificates for free electricity!

Remember to mark and return your ballot by mail in the postage-paid envelope provided.  Make your vote count…the last pickup of ballots at the U.S. Post Office will be at noon on Friday, April 21.  Vote early!

All members actively participate in setting the cooperative’s policies and in making decisions through your locally elected Board of Directors.  Every member of the cooperative has a voice and a vote.

Election results will be announced at KEA’s Annual Membership Meeting on Monday, April 24 in the Kodiak Harbor Convention Center.  The doors will open at 5:45 p.m., and the meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m.  Mark your calendar and make plans to attend this exciting community event!  Every member who registers and attends the meeting will receive an Electric Energy Credit!

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2017 Election: Five (5) Candidates for the KEA Board of Directors

Five (5) cooperative members are candidates for the three (3) three-year seats open for election this year on the KEA Board of Directors:  Ron Acarregui, Cliff Ford, Terry Haines, Tyler Kornelis, and Ben Millstein.

Members with questions for the candidates are invited to contact them directly.

The Notice of Annual Membership Meeting, Ballots, and Annual Report will be mailed to all KEA members on Thursday, March 30, 2017.  All voted ballots must be returned in the postage-paid return envelopes that are provided with KEA’s voting packet.  KEA’s last pick up of the ballots at the post office will be at noon on Friday, April 21, 2017.

Election results will be announced at KEA’s 75th Annual Membership Meeting on Monday, April 24, 2017 in the Kodiak Harbor Convention Center.  The meeting will be called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Cliff Davidson, Chairman of the KEA Board of Directors.

The signed, postmarked return envelopes will be entered into grand prize drawings for two (2) $750 certificates for electricity during the Annual Membership Meeting and winners need not be present to win.

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KEA Voter Registration – What Name’s on YOUR Account?

KEA Voter Registration is Easy with KEA's Member Services!

KEA Voter Registration is Easy with KEA’s Member Services!

Is YOUR name on YOUR KEA account?  That means you can vote in KEA elections, earn capital credits, and be entered into KEA prize drawings!

KEA’s bylaws state that each member is entitled to one vote.  A husband and wife or any other two persons who occupy the same household and have both names on the account jointly act as a member.

If you are uncertain about the name(s) listed on your account, please call Member Services at 486.7701.  We’ll be happy to explain the simple procedure to add your spouse’s name on the account.

The Notice of Annual Membership Meeting, Ballots, and Annual Report Highlights will be mailed to KEA members on March 30, 2017.  A ballot is voided if a spouse not listed on the account signs it!  Any changes to be in effect for this year’s election process must be made before March 1, 2017.

Business Accounts (Corporations, Partnerships, and Sole Proprietorships) should annually update their list of officers/owners authorized to vote on behalf of the account.

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Wind Turbine Number One Under Repair

Pillar Mountain Wind Turbines: Three, Two and One

KEA’s advanced early warning monitoring system detected a problem with the gear box of Wind Turbine Number One, which is the turbine closest to the Kodiak airport. Our technicians then performed a visual inspection, which revealed a crack in the main gear.  This gearbox will need to be replaced.  It is located inside the unit’s nacelle (machine head) on the tower 262 feet high above Pillar Mountain.

The unit will be out of power production until spring, when the weather and road conditions up Pillar Mountain are safe to mobilize a crane to perform the necessary work. This type of maintenance was expected to arise, and a plan is in place to replace the gearbox.

The 9 MW Pillar Mountain Wind Farm was built in two phases. The first three 1.5 MW Wind Turbines were installed in 2009, and three more 1.5 MW Wind Turbines and a 3 MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) were added in 2012. Wind Turbine Number One was installed in Phase II.

The estimated number of gallons of diesel saved through operation of the Pillar Mountain Wind Farm since July of 2009 is 10,981,572. In 2016, KEA generated 99.7% of our power with renewable resources. KEA has become an industry leader in integrating high levels of wind power onto an isolated grid.

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Calling All 2017 KEA Board Candidates!

Your 2015/2016 KEA Board of Directors and President/CEO

Your 2016/2017 KEA Board of Directors and President/CEO

Three Seats up for Election on the KEA Board of Directors

Deadline to file:  March 15, 2017

Do you want to serve on the KEA Board of Directors?  Stop by the KEA office at 1614 Mill Bay Road to pick up a Nominating Petition Packet.  This packet has important information about serving on the board and the documents necessary for you to complete to become a candidate.  To be an eligible candidate, you must be a member of KEA.

KEA members elect the nine directors to the KEA Board to represent their interests in the governance of the cooperative.  Each year, KEA members elect three members to serve on the board of directors through a formal democratic voting process by mail.  The term of office for each of the nine directors expires on a staggered basis, and incumbent board members can seek re-election with no maximum length of service.  All directors are elected for terms of three years and serve until their successors have been elected or appointed.  This year, the seats currently held by Ron Acarregui, Cliff Ford, and Cecil Ranney are up for election.

 Your Completed Nominating Petition Packet must include:  

· Director Candidate Eligibility Check List

· 2017 Nominating Petition with at least 15 valid KEA member signatures

· Candidate Written Profile

· Candidate Photograph

 The deadline to submit your completed packet is 5 p.m. on March 15, 2017. 

 It’s all about Community…serving on the KEA Board of Directors.

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$37,000 in Scholarships – Application Deadline is February 17, 2017

This could be YOU in April, 2017!

This could be YOU in April, 2017!

Annually, Kodiak Electric Association (KEA) awards scholarships to high school seniors and adult learners in our service area who are heading to college, university, trade, or technical schools.  For 2017, there are a total of fifteen (15) scholarships available for graduating high school seniors and full-and-part-time continuing education students.  Five Academic scholarships, three Vocational/Career and Technical Education scholarships, and seven Continuing Education scholarships will be awarded in April, 2016.

 The application deadline is February 17, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. at the KEA office.

Recipients will have demonstrated leadership potential and the capacity to make a significant contribution to the cooperative and community upon completion of their formal educations.

There are two separate applications, and full eligibility guidelines are included in each application packet.  Click below to download:

Questions about the scholarships, applications, or selection process?  Contact Nancy B. Sweeney, Communication/Human Resource Specialist, at 907.486.7700.

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