Reminder for Students: Scholarship Application Deadline is February 15, 2019

$55,000 to be awarded in 2019

An important reminder for Kodiak Island students!  Kodiak Electric Association (KEA) is committed to supporting the overall health of the communities we serve.  One of the ways we do this is by annually awarding scholarships to graduating high school seniors and adult learners who are heading to college, university, trade, or technical schools.  In 2019, KEA will award $55,000 in scholarship awards!   A total of fifteen (15) scholarships will be awarded in the following categories:  Academic scholarships, full-time and part-time Continuing Education scholarships, and Vocational/Career and Technical Education scholarships.

The application deadline is February 15, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. at the KEA office at 1614 Mill Bay Road.

Applications and full eligibility guidelines are available on the KEA website.

Recipients will have demonstrated leadership potential and the capacity to make a significant contribution to the cooperative and community upon completion of their formal educations.  Applicant or applicant’s immediate family must be receiving service from KEA.

Questions about the scholarships, applications, or selection process?  Contact Nancy B. Sweeney, Communication/Human Resource Specialist, at 907.486.7700.

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Calling All 2019 KEA Board Candidates!

The Pillar Mountain Wind Turbines are a beautiful background for boats in the St. Herman Harbor on Near Island.

Three Seats up for Election on the KEA Board of Directors

Deadline to file:  March 13, 2019

Do you want to serve on the KEA Board of Directors?  Stop by the KEA office at 1614 Mill Bay Road to pick up a Nominating Petition Packet.  This packet has important information about serving on the board and the documents necessary for you to complete to become a candidate.  To be an eligible candidate, you must be a member of KEA.

KEA members elect the nine directors to the KEA Board to represent their interests in the governance of the cooperative.  Each year, KEA members elect three members to serve on the board of directors through a formal democratic voting process by mail.  The term of office for each of the nine directors expires on a staggered basis, and incumbent board members can seek re-election with no maximum length of service.  All directors are elected for terms of three years and serve until their successors have been elected or appointed.  This year, the seats currently held by Linda Freed, Gordon Gould, and Jay Johnston are up for election.

 Your Completed Nominating Petition Packet must include:  

· Director Candidate Eligibility Check List

· 2019 Nominating Petition with at least 15 valid KEA member signatures

· Candidate Written Profile

· Candidate Photograph

 The deadline to submit your completed packet is 5 p.m. on March 13, 2019. 

 It’s all about Community…serving on the KEA Board of Directors.

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KEA 2019 Voter Registration – What Name’s on YOUR Account?

KEA Voter Registration is Easy with KEA’s Member Services!

Is YOUR name on YOUR KEA account?  That means you can vote in KEA elections, earn capital credits, and be entered into KEA prize drawings!

The Notice of Annual Membership Meeting, Ballots, and Annual Report will be mailed to KEA members on March 28, 2019. KEA’s bylaws state that each member is entitled to one vote.  A husband and wife or any other two persons who occupy the same household and have both names on the account jointly act as a member. A ballot is voided if a spouse not listed on the account signs the ballot envelope!

If you are uncertain about the name(s) listed on your account, please call Member Services at 486.7701.  We’ll be happy to explain the simple procedure to add your spouse’s name on the account. Any changes to be in effect for this year’s election process must be made before February 27, 2019.

Business Accounts (Corporations, Partnerships, and Sole Proprietorships) should annually update their list of officers/owners authorized to vote on behalf of the account.

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KEA Employees’ 2018 Food Drive – We Care!

KEA Employees Celebrate the 2018 Kodiak Island Food Bank Drive

This year, KEA employees held our annual food drive from November 6 – December 3, with boxes for each department to fill.  There was friendly competition to see which department would contribute the most!  We collected over 525 pounds of canned and dry goods, along with a $300 Safeway gift card.  Our donations were gratefully accepted by Jed Bergstron, Kodiak Island Food Bank’s Director, on December 6.

Sharing the Blessings of the Season has been an annual event for KEA employees since 2011, and helps to make the holiday season even brighter for community members who are in need of assistance!

The Kodiak Island Food Bank is always in need of food and monetary donations, and all donations are gratefully accepted.  The Food Bank fights hunger and serves over 285 households, which averages around 1,000 individuals in Kodiak and five surrounding villages.  Their website is

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The 2018 Terror Lake Prize Trip

At KEA’s Annual Membership Meeting on April 23, 2018, prize drawings included two round-trips for two to the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project on September 6, 2018.  Prize Winners  Terry Gunter  and Kenny Nelson were unable to make the trip, so they invited Kerri Gunter, Elliot Blacha, Katrina Refior, and Nancy Sweeney to make the tour.  On the way over, the travelers enjoyed a short scenic flight with Andrew Airways Pilot Josh Shine, who pointed out the names of landscape features along the way.

After landing at beautiful Kizhuyak Bay, near the jetty of the Terror Lake Project, Aaron Ellison,  Power Generation Technician at Terror Lake, was their tour guide to provide a thorough understanding of the hydro project.  The group toured the powerhouse, hydroelectric generators, tailrace channel, steel penstock, diversion structures, dam, and reservoir. They saw firsthand where the water resources come from, and how the water supplies renewable energy for Kodiak communities.  They also learned how the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project works in conjunction with the Pillar Mountain Wind Project and Battery Energy Storage System, enabling KEA to achieve 98.3% of our power from cost effective renewable energy in 2017.

The travelers were filled with praise at the end of their journey!  Here are some of the things they had to say:

“Elliot and I were delighted to visit Terror Lake last week.  The site is so well maintained and clean that it’s hard to believe that it was built in the early 1980’s.  We were pleased to see that everything possible is being done to reduce our dependence on diesel.” – Kerri Gunter

“I was surprised at how close the site is to Kodiak, and I couldn’t help but wish more in the community could have the opportunity to see how the facility works and how beautiful it is.  We couldn’t have wished for a more pleasant day to visit and Aaron was a perfect host! ” – Elliot Blacha

“What a joy to be able to see firsthand how our power is generated.  All of the work and the vision that had gone into the project is unbelievable.  Being in this beautiful and remote location just brings home how blessed we are to be able to receive renewable generated electricity that keeps our isle ’emerald’.  It was a wonderful experience.” – Katrina Refior

 “The Terror Lake Hydroelectric Facility is truly an amazing source of renewable power for our remote island community – now and for the future.  Thank you for the opportunity to see it first hand!” – Nancy Sweeney

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2018 KEA Scholarship Award Recipients

$37,000 awarded in 2018 scholarships!

Congratulations to the 2018 KEA Scholarship Award Recipients!  Fifteen scholarships totaling $37,000 were awarded this year to graduating high school seniors and full-time continuing education students.

KEA scholarships are funded through the KEA Educational Foundation.  The money comes from donated capital credits and KEA’s Operation Round Up® Program.  Donations are tax deductible.

2018 Graduating High School Academic Scholarship Recipients

$12,000        Marion Soule Scholarship                                    Hunter Blair

$  3,500        Academic Scholarship                                           Marina Cummiskey

$  3,500        Academic Scholarship                                           Kiae Shin

$  2,500        Academic Scholarship                                           Josiah Fish

$  1,250        Academic Scholarship                                            Edlen Mangosing

$  1,250        Academic Scholarship                                            Torataro Oka

$  1,000        Academic Scholarship                                           Solomia Bushell

$  1,000        Academic Scholarship                                           Zxyrelle Tabanan

2018 Vocational/Career and Technical Education Scholarship Recipients

$  2,000        Vocational/C&T Education Scholarship            Hunter Smude

$  1,500        Vocational/C&T Education Scholarship             Anthony Alvey

$  1,500        Vocational/C&T Education Scholarship             Matthew Schauff

2018 Full-Time Continuing Education Scholarship Recipients

$  1,500        Full-Time Continuing Education Scholarship      Al Asuncion

$  1,500        Full-Time Continuing Education Scholarship      John Dunlop

$  1,500        Full-Time Continuing Education Scholarship      Brianna Gibbs

$  1,500        Full-Time Continuing Education Scholarship      Beatriz Recinos-Pineda

Support of education and training is one of the seven principles that guide cooperatives in reflecting the best interest of their members.  Our scholarship program was designed to offer financial assistance to selected graduating seniors and continuing education students who show leadership potential and the capacity to make a significant contribution to the Kodiak or Port Lions community upon completion of their formal education.

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U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry visits Kodiak and KEA

U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry traveled to Alaska this week to see renewable energy projects in rural areas, and visited Kodiak to tour a portion of KEA’s unique electric utility grid on May 1.  The trip was organized by Senator Lisa Murkowski’s office through the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

To start their visit, KEA’s President/CEO Darron Scott gave Perry, Murkowski, and several staff members a presentation on how KEA has developed the cooperative’s sustainable, renewable energy grid with environmental stewardship. KEA owns, operates, and maintains a hydroelectric facility, a cutting edge wind farm with a battery bank utilizing hydro and wind resources as an integrated renewable generation system.  Since 2014, KEA has had nearly 100% of kilowatt hour sales with cost-effective, renewable power solutions.

Following the presentation, the group got to see first hand the Pillar Mountain Wind Farm and battery and flywheel energy storage devices and learn how the cooperative deals with cyber security.  They also viewed Kodiak’s electric shipping crane.

KEA appreciates the delegation’s interest in KEA’s renewable energy systems and how the remote island grid’s operation may apply to other issues on the national level.


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